About Us

Rick Bailey :


Rick is the Founder, President and Training Director of Lovedog. Rick has 10+ years of professional training experience on the Treasure Coast from rescue organizations to pet resorts, helping dogs and their owners better understand one another and rehabilitating dogs that others had given up on. Rick specializes in dog behavior modification, aggression cases, rescue rehabilitation and assessments. Rick offers training for all levels of obedience as well. Rick works with numerous local and national rescues and humane societies teaching proper assessment and rehabilitation techniques to the staff and volunteers.

Barry Coburn:

Barry is a full-time trainer in our Board & Train Program. Barry spends Mon-Fri working, loving, playing and feeding the pups enrolled.  Barry is training under Rick to certify as a professional trainer and begin helping with the in home training program. We couldn’t run our B&T Program without all of Barry’s hard work and patience!

Kassi Stanton:

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Kassi has the important job of supervising, feeding, bathing, loving and keeping everyone safe and happy while they board with us here at Lovedog. Training is only part of a dogs day here and Kassi ensures that the rest of their time is spent in an enriching and structured environment that aids in the training process. We couldn’t do what we do without Kassi!

Shelby McPhee:


Shelby is the training & boarding assistant at Lovedog. Shelby is studying under Rick to become a certified trainer. Shelby is in charge of making sure all the dogs in our Board & Train program are getting plenty of practice at their obedience commands and leash walking exercises. Shelby’s contribution to the training program is immeasurable and we can’t wait to see her run her own training sessions!

Cassie Ford:

Cassie is a part-time trainer in our Board & Train Program here at Lovedog Inc. Cassie also assists with the In-Home Training of puppies from Vero Beach north to Cocoa Beach.  Cassie’s positive approach to training and her ability to effectively teach puppies is a huge part of our success!

Toni Centore:

Toni is a part-time trainer in our Board & Train Program and Boarding Assistant on the weekends. Toni also assists with the In-Home Training from Vero Beach to Port St. Lucie.  Toni’s experience and commitment make her the perfect addition to the Lovedog Training Team!!

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