LoveDog Inc

Dog training and Rehabilitation

We strongly believe in creating a trusting relationship and unbreakable bond between you and your dog through excellent timing, safe and proven scientific training techniques, consistency, structure, interactive games, positive reinforcement and the understanding that every dog is unique. Our training programs are customized to suit your dog and your lifestyle. We train dogs of all different breeds and ages. Here at Lovedog, we specialize in all behavioral issues, obedience training levels, pre-trained family pets, therapy as well as service dog training. We promise to provide you with the best dog training available through our 5-star care and service.


We have more than two decades worth of experience and have trained thousands of happy dog owners and dogs, along with amazing service dogs working in the field and assisting their owners with navigating life.  Lovedog Inc. was built on referrals and our top priority is providing the best training and overall experience for our clients.

Our dogs all learn to love their training since we make all of our dog training fun! We make use of every dog’s individual natural desires, genetic make-up and individual strengths to guide them onto a successful path. Although we consider our dogs to be members of our family, we also believe that it’s important to remember that they are still dogs, not humans and have a specific place in the family. The philosophy we follow is based on the scientific behavioral principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning.  In addition to our teaching styles and methods, we teach the importance of body language interpretation, as well as mental and physical stimulation. Communication is absolutely key. If you lose communication, your dog will be lost as well.

Lovedog approach to teaching

Lovedog teaches new behaviors through luring, capturing, shaping and molding. The main emphasis used by our balanced training company is reward based training. We also understand the need for having clear boundaries. We don’t ever introduce any kind of correction for a dog until we are totally sure that the dog knows precisely what we are asking them to do and how to do it. However, we will introduce scientifically proven, humane and appropriate methods of discipline whenever the dog consciously decides not to perform the behavior that we have asked for due to a distraction being more interesting than the high-value reward we are offering to the dog. Quite often, the distraction is more self-rewarding and considered more valuable than whatever you are offering. We teach your dog how important it is to listen, no matter what distraction there may be.

Focused dog training goals

Our goal is never to correct a dog so that he/she feels uncomfortable or bad. The goal is teaching your dog to avoid negative behavior that can often be dangerous or even fatal. One example of this is a dog bolting out of your house and running into the street. Tragically, many dogs end up getting hit by cars due to communication breaking down, the absence of clear boundaries, lack of consistency and unclear expectations. We strongly believe in helping you keep your dog happy and safe. We also would like you to achieve results that will last and let you and your dog enjoy one another to the fullest potential possible. Whether we are assisting you with the rehabilitation of an aggressive dog that is considered to be unsafe or helping you get your dog off leash, we will professionally guide you and your dog safely and with a positive and fun outlook.

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