Opening up your life to a dog who needs a home is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

- Emma Kenney

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does.

- Christopher Morley

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

- Josh Billings

Board & Train

LoveDog specializes in creating a safe, fun, and interactive learning environment for your 4-legged family member(s). We all lead busy lives and often don’t have the time it takes to get great results. Our team of trainers understand that it isn’t a lack of desire but rather an issue of not having the time. We will teach your dog new boundaries, commands and deal with any behavioral issues. We also specialize in training therapy and service dogs. This isn’t magic. It is hard work, repetition, consistency, compassion, timing, and a ton of patience. However, having professionals that have been working with dogs for more than two decades spend a few weeks with your canine(s) can change your life! We can teach your puppy to obey you and your obedience commands so that you can enjoy your family pet at his/her fullest potential.


Our board & train program allows us to remove your canine from an environment that he/she isn’t fully succeeding in and create some new positive behaviors that make owning a pet more enjoyable. Take the stress off of yourself and allow our professional trainers to lay a foundation of control that you never thought was possible. If you would like a customized program to fit your family’s specific needs, please call or email for details.

(50% deposit required to book your spot)

2 Week – $3000

  • Cost includes 2 in-home follow up visits 
  • Remote Collar not included (1 dog system is $225, 2 dog system is $325) 

3 Week – $4300

  • Cost includes 3 in-home follow up visits
  • Remote Collar included

4 Week – $5400

  • Cost includes 4 in-home follow up visits
  • Remote Collar included

We charge a $75 Initial Consultation Fee. Consultations can be conducted in-home or at our facility

  1. Potty and House Training we train your dog to alert you when they need to go out 
  2. Socialization Skills – we train your dog to socially interact with your family, friends and other dogs
  3. Walking on Leash – we train your dog to walk by your side on leash, and not pull or drag 
  4. Basic Obedience – we train your dog how to sit, stay, come, down and place on your command
  5. Focused Attention Span – we train your dog to stay focused on you with distractions present 
  6. Recall – we train your dog to come to you inside and outside the house, on and off leash 
  7. Removal of Behavioral Problems – we train your dog not to bite, gnaw, nip or bark excessively
Macy and Blue smiling and posing for a picture

Bath/Blowout: $25-$50
Ear Cleaning: $5