About Us

cel2Lovedog is highly respected within the rescue and dog training community. We teach puppies basic obedience and dogs considered to be untrainable and hard to handle. We also offer continuing lifetime training programs that have been designed to strengthen the relationship between your dog and you.

We have extensive experience with canine behavior, so we can assist you with properly interpreting the behaviors your dog is exhibiting. We can teach you how to eliminate unwanted behaviors and reinforce good behaviors. We can suggest innovative solutions and positive techniques to enhance the training for your dog.

Our training programs and expertise combined with your dedication to dog training, is the ideal recipe for your dog and you to succeed. Whether you want to have a therapy dog, agility dog or well-behaved pet, our goal is making your goals come true! Your dog and you will benefit greatly by developing mutual respect, love and trust as we teach you how to succeed with your dog training efforts.

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