Dogs are our life purpose!

Rick Bailey

Love, Loyalty, Patience, Understanding, Companionship, Devotion and Laughter; just a few of the many wonderful gifts that we receive from a dog!

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Rick started LoveDog Inc. with the dream of creating a training company that was unique in every way. Our top priority is building a relationship of love and trust with the dogs we train and the owners that love them. Rick is a certified trainer/behaviorist with over two decades of professional experience and a lifetime of dog ownership. Rick’s passion for dogs is also shared by his fianc√© Brandee, who works with him at LoveDog and also works for the biggest no-kill, cage-free dog rescue in the country. Rick and Brandee are supported by a team of wonderful handlers and care givers that insure that every dog that we train is loved and cared for as if they were our own.

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